October Challenge : 8th, Sky

October 8th, hello to you under the Jakarta Sky :’) I miss you, I almost lost myself, wish you were here.

Today is the last day Donny here. Sad, but, I’m glad he came 🙂 we spent couple of hours just to argue about something, buying his girlfriend a t-shirt, have lunch together, laughing together, commenting people, do silly things. It’s fun when he’s here. And also he kept reminding me about doing my thesis, be brave, just move. “If you keep feeling sad and afraid, it won’t be finished. Be brave, move on. Stop doing unnecessary things. Talk to your chief of department, if your mentor made you hard to move.” he said seriously before he leave. “I will go back in two months. I hope I will attend your graduation” continued him with a cocky smile. Meanwhile my boyfriend keeps texting me reminding how much articles I got, how much journal I’ve read. He won’t go here on 26th October if I didn’t go to campus immediately. And I terrified. Yeah. tonight I will do this and that. My two favorite man in the entire world really count on me. My boyfriend, and my childhood bestfriend. Thank you, you two :’)

We still live under the same sky, don’t we?

I know it’s hard to see you around, but I know I could feel you

Your warm touch when you say “hug tight”

Your soft voices when you talk to me

Your bright laugh when you try to cheer me up

Your awesome advice through tons of mails

Your sweet smile through emoticons

I imagine them in my head

It’s hard because it is worth it

It’s hard because God knows I could do it

Fight and don’t give up

Gray sky will turn to bright blue


A moment before the storm comes, God painted the sky with colors of Heaven 🙂

Happy reading! 🙂



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