October Challenge : 7th, What You Did Today?

I know I was a day late writing this, sorry for those following my blog and craving for more stories :p I was busy on Sunday. Yeah, doing chores and go to supermarket to buy what we need in this month.

Yeah, so, I as usual, woke up and fed my cats. And then I sweep and moped my house. I also cleaned up my cats litter box and changed for the new one. Laundry some clothes. Then, I made breakfast for my little sister, Inas, and my housemate, Rina. After that I showered, got ready to go to supermarket with Inas and Rina. We spent two hours more or less there, yeah, girls. Ah, but no! It’s also because of the long line 😦 maybe because it’s Sunday. When we’ve done, we head on outside and…. Rain was falling. So hard. I smiled happily. But I also worried. We went there by motorcycles, and mine, the back tire was deflated, so I should went to a workshop. But I was afraid that there’s no one that would open. Rina checked her baggage if she brought the raincoat. I was positive I got one in mine, so no need to checked. While Inas and RIna were ready to go, I opened my baggage only to find nothing. Dammit, I forgot my raincoat! I asked them to took my bag and phones, because I planned to went home right now. Yeah, and I, like a hero, cold, hungry, hurt by rain drops in my hands, went home without a rain coat. I didn’t find a workshop nearby, so I just went home straight. After several minutes, I finally got home and in a rush wanted to change my clothes. I got wet. From top to toe, from outside and also in the inside. Great.

We then went to the restaurant to have lunch, when the rain was stop. Meanwhile, my childhood bestfriend, Donny, was arrived to town. Later at night, I went to the futsal place to accompany and meet up with Him and some of my friends. Two hours straight, yelling, laughing, cheering, and also BBM-ing and tweeting, so much fun. The branch of Smansa 2009 were played really great. I mean, after time to time, developed some skills, and it would be fun to watch them sparing with Smansa 2007 and 2005 :’) Ah, been really a while not watching them sparing. Later at night, Me, Rhendy and Gigih went to have a late dinner. But I wasn’t in the mood to eat, so I just drank a cup of coffee 😀 After 3 sips, we changed stories. Ah. Feels like wanted to cry, but I hold it. It would be shameful if my tears were rolled off. And bla bla bla bla. We went back home separately.

This day, I didn’t even touch my thesis. Stupid Adeline is stupid. *sigh*

How lame my day was. Happy though! 🙂



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