October Challenge : 6th, In My Cup

Hello 🙂
I was a bit busy today, so that I didn’t have enough time to write. In this little time, since I promise to write one post a day, here I am, writing. The title is In My Cup. It’s hard. What’s in my cup means? Maybe what I always drink? Or….. What? I’ve got no idea! Well well… Let’s just say, what I always drink, alright?

What I always drink is different from time to time. When in the cafè, I’d like a hot chocolate or hot cappuccino to drink. They’re a perfect match for a rainy season, in a cafè, writing or reading, just to get some excellent idea. But when it’s hot and sun shines so bright, I prefer Ice lemonade, or strawberry shake (which in the end, I will feel so thristy again and have to drink a cup of water. *sigh*). And then, there are times when I’ve to be thrifty, so I just drink a cup of cold water or ice tea. Haha. Then, when I was in Germany, I admit that I drank beers and wine. It’s really forbidden in Islam, because it contains alcohol, but since water is expensive than beer, and also in the party, they didn’t provide hot chocolate or coffee, and I run out of my water an money, I drank my friends beers and wine to keep me stay in my body temperature. It was -10 degrees celcius, and I, as an Asian, didn’t get used to that kind of weather although, to the european and american people, it wasn’t cold. Aaaaand then, enough with those stories, next is when I eat fastfood. Yeah, I don’t like the sodas, so I will order a mocca float or sundae ice cream and a glass of water. Then, when I am in the fancy restaurant, I don’t know why, I always order orange juice. It’s just… Feel right 😉 When I was only at home, doing some paper, I need a strong coffee so that I could do it without fall asleep. But when I was at home rewarding my self, I drank hot jasmine tea.

So, I think that’s a wrap everybody. I really don’t get it the meaning of in my cup, but I hope you all enjoy my story. Happy reading! ❤


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