October Challenge : 4th, Handwriting

I decided to do these challenges so that I got something to write about. So that I keep my promise to write at least one post a day 🙂

Today challenge is about handwriting. This might be a little bit hard because I think I don’t know what to tell about handwriting. My handwriting? Not that neat, but it still can be read by other people. It’s not that hard to read. But, there are times I really don’t want to write and *bam* it’s soooo ugly. And I am absolutely embarrassed about it.

I used to love writing with pens and papers. Just to put down my ideas in papers. I wanted to make a book. A good one. Or maybe some good ones. It all started when I was in 6th grade (how creative I am, huh?). My auntie was came to town to visit after she graduated from college. She first gave me a little brown teddy bear which I always talk to when I was happy or sad. Then one day she brought me to the bookstore to buy some books. She bought me comics and one thick novel, Harry Potter. It’s a bit late to read that in my country, I know. She bought me the first, second and third books. They were my treasures. It’s only took me 2 days to read all of that books (booo, nerdie). And I was wondering about how can JK Rowling wrote such an amazing books? She said “It only took some pens and papers. And imagination and knowledge”. Just from that I willingly to write a brilliant book like her. And… Yeah, dreams just dreams. I wanted to make it happen though, but turns out God had another plans for me. But I kept writing and writing and writing. I kept sending my writing to teen magazine, which of course got rejected thousand times. Haha. I still kept my handwriting scripts at home. Just to re-read them and finding out which mistakes I made, the spelling, the grammar, even the stories. Yeah, I wrote basically about cheesy things. Shoot.

Things different when computer was so hip. I used computer to chat (thanks to my auntie, on 6th grade I knew how to chat), played some games (the sims, simulation game, racing game, grand theft auto, and some lame but fun card games :p), writing my paper. But no, not once I tried to write my ideas there. It just doesn’t feel right.I once thought “How can I become a great writer like JK Rowling if I use computer?” “And “How can I go to the coffee shop, looking through the window, while outside is raining and me sitting there to write a great story, if I bring my computer? It’s inconvenient.”  Haha, how silly I am. Especially when it comes to letters. We can see other people handwriting, it doesn’t matter if it’s hard to read or whatever, from the handwriting, we can read that he/she really work hard to make it better and better. Besides, we also can read the people personalities based on that 😉 (I studied that when I was in 3rd semester in college, if I’m not mistaken). It’s really fun you know. About what theories said and what’s the reality looks like. That’s why I still stick to handwriting to write some of ideas the second it popped on my mind. I love the sound of pens or pencils touch the papers. I love how it scratches when things go wrong. I love how funny my handwriting all over the papers. Simple and silly things, but valuable 🙂

sorry for the blur photo, I used my laptop webcam 😀



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