October Challenges

I regret that I didn’t start my October with positives things. Stupid me. So that I search the month challenges I used to do in Tumblr 🙂 And found this one! It might be a little late to start but, better late than never, right? People used to do it with a photo. But I think since it’s in blog, I’d prefer a story. Besides, it describes better, right? 🙂

Since it’s already October 3rd here, it’s about school. Damn. Me at school? Which one? I was an ordinary kid. Not that smart enough to get teachers attention or my parents attention. Nor I am the bad one, doing things that were forbidden. And nor that beautiful enough to attract people attentions. I am the middle, the easy to forget. Ah. Unless because of my red mark in my face people would remember me, and because that my mother is a nurse that everybody knew. That cycles didn’t stop until I graduated from high school. You might ask people in my school, there would be some that didn’t know me. That’s cool. I hate people anyway, so I keep standing in the shadow :p

School was just like a nightmare to me. Even tough I didn’t attract attention, but I hang out with some of “cool (famous?) people”. And that’s quite fun yet scary. In elementary school, ah, just some kids thought that they have power and bla bla bla. I’ve been bullied by them, but thank God one of my friends that is in her gang, is so kind to me, so they stop picking at me. But I knew, they still bad mouthing me when my friend was with me. I just knew. Ah, especially in junior high school. Some of the seniors were mad at me because they thought I want to take their boyfriends, just because that man was my neighbor and the other one, was just because the simple word like “Oh, that guy over there is handsome. I like his face”.  They’re so insecure because of that love problems. They were tried to lock me up in the bathroom, which I was a bit terrified but I luckily pushed one of them to the toilet and run. I didn’t know what is bullying back then 😐 When they tried to confront me, I told one of the teachers that were close to me because she usually ask my mother to take her pills from hospital. And then, they shut down. That was counted as cheating, but whatever, I didn’t want to be locked up in the bathroom ever again. When they’re graduated, I thought I could breath freely. But no. The new seniors were crazy as hell too. Just because one of their boyfriends sent me home (he’s my bestfriend’s cousin), they thought I like him. Holy molly. They threatened me with a letter put in my desk. Lame. Once I didn’t give a shit about that, they came to me, gang up, and started yelling at me. Tsk. Me being confronted like that, is pissed and upset, but I couldn’t do anything, until I asked one of my friends to threaten her back. Oh yeah, she was a delinquent. Ha. Got ya, little girls. When I was a senior, there’s this girl in 6th grade talked to me that I took her boyfriend. When it’s clearly that I dated that guy because he already  broke up with his girlfriend, which was one of that freaking seniors that bullied me. What the hell this 6th grade talk about. Damn. She gave me a letter that he’s his neighbor and also her boyfriend, so I should back off and get a life. That little girl. I talked to my boyfriend and he laughed and said that I shouldn’t be bothered by that. True. So I kept silent and having a life. But, she didn’t like it so she came to me again and started to bad mouthing me. My friends who were there didn’t accept and started to threatened her. I knew nothing until my headmaster came to us and planning to give us detention because of that threatening letters. Dammit. After that things, I started to verbal-bullied some of my junior. Because they’re just wearing jackets. Yeah. Jackets are forbidden to school, but I wore it everyday, and they thought that they could too. Oh no. I was such a bitch. Well, that’s me. I hope they already forgotten about that because, I don’t want them to be like me. Holding a grudge.

That’s what school means to me. A building that teach you everything. A building from where you learn which one is good, which one is not good. A building that holds so much memories of every person that has been there. A building which whoever that looks at it, it will give you flashbacks of everything you do there. A building where you learn everything :’)

Wow. A good one. October 3rd, 2012, School.


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