Yogyakarta – Bandung

So, yes, based on the title, I went to Bandung. And yes, again, I ran from my obligation(s). Really me.

I went there just to see my high school friend getting married on September 29th, 2012. Me and my friend, Putri, were planning long before and bought the train tickets 2 weeks before. We went on September 28th, 2012. On September 27th, 2012, at night, my boyfriend was reminding me so that I didn’t forget everything I should brought. I am really a lazy bones if it’s about packing. In the 28th morning, I was ready, and I was really sure I’ve checked everysinglething I wouldn’t miss, such as, the presents from me and boyfriend, from my best friend  the things my boyfriend begged me to bring there, and etc. But eventually, as careful as I am, I kept forgetting something. Something that was really crucial. The souvenirs (it’s actually local food that only in Yogyakarta). And yeah, I made a fuzz over it. I called everyone I know, I asked for helped. My boyfriend’s cousin is willing to deliver to the station, but unfortunately because of our fear, the officials, and time, we couldn’t meet up. Damn. Desperate, I asked him to send by mail, although it will take so much money. But then, my other high school friend, May, said that she will go to Bandung as well. PRAISE THE LORD! I asked Ben (my boyfriend’s cousin) to took it to her house. Long story short, I got yelled from my mom, my boyfriend, and also my friends.

Finally in Bandung at 6 pm. Met my friend, Buha, who came to pick us up. And also, hearing all the things she would comment after. Yeah, she’s the type like that. From my travel bag until my dress for tomorrow. But she is nice. Of course she is nice, if not, she wouldn’t pick us up and allowed us stay in her place, right? 😀 We planned to take city transport, but poorly, there’s no one that went through her boarding house. So, we took the taxi, negotiated the price first, because it’s weekend and the road was so crowded. After arrived at Buha’s, showered, prayed, a bit chitchat, then we off to have dinner. It”s in Dipati Ukur, Steak Ranjang. It’s delicious, and full of people, and in Bandung, it’s cheap, while in Yogya, it’s expensive, according to me 😉 After that, we planned to pick another friend in Cihampelas. Meanwhile Buha kept what’sapp-ing the group of people in Bandung. And the chief, Teddy, which is also my highschool friend is mad because we, women, went by city transport at night. I mean, come on, you didn’t give us solution, but keep rambling around? Seriously? Tsk. So, my friend that we’ll pick up, Ina, was hungry and asked us to buy her some KFC and a hamburger for breakfast (which later she ate it because she’s too hungry). So, Buha took us to Cihampelas Walk, or CiWalk, which is a mall. It sure is big that Putri kept on rambling “wooow”. Excuse her, she never went there before :p Bla bla bla, until we met Ina, and walk back home. Fun night! Ina also get scolded by Buha because of the dress she’ll wear. That Buha -___-

September 29th, 2012. Woke up in the early morning, pray, and showered. Then getting ready for my friend wedding. And bla bla bla bla. Stupid Adeline is stupid. After we’re there I just remembered that I didn’t brought the presents. OH HEAVEN. I kept worrying how will I able to get those? While Putri was stay calm. Tsk. I worried too much. Atika, the one that will get married, was reaaaaaaally beautiful that would blow your mind!! When I asked Buha to send me the picture she said “not for public”, tsk. I sulked and kept tweeting. So me. And bla bla bla. Time for Akad. I bet everybody there were crying of happiness. I was crying, my friends were crying, the families were crying, everybody. And when Tika came out, I stared at her husband, he looked at her like she’s the precious one and have to take a really good care for her, the stare of love. It was so romantic. Then comes the time for the party. It was cool, and full of people sharing happiness, and also my boyfriend. It’s nice to see him once in a while. Sadly, I couldn’t spend time with him as much as I want 😥 Anyway, Happy Wedding, Atika!

September 30th, 2012. Last day in Bandung. So much fun I had there. SO MUCH that I don’t want to go back to reality.


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