Dear You


I might not a beautiful princess who is so kind to other and filthy rich.

I might not a worth girl to save from bad guys that you defeat with a sharp and shining sword.

I might not a girl you want to show off to your friends because my beautiful face, body, or else.

Or, I might not your favorite idol who good at singing or acting or the whole world knows me.

I am the one who comfortably lives in the cage.

I am the one who always hide in the dark.

I am the nerdie or weirdo or not good looking woman or not the richest one.

I am the one you’ll be embarrassed at if you meet your friends.

And I will always be the second player.

And maybe, in our relationship, you will be mad, sad, upset, disappointed, laugh out loud, have one million smile, and soon.

But, I also can promise you something. I can make you live happily ever after. I can make sure that bad guys won’t touch or step closer neither you and me. I can give you all the love I had even though it means I have to be apart from you.

I can do that things because I know, my world would be black and white without you. 

With all that things I’ve told you, will you still be with me forever and ever?

A remake letter which I’ve wrote on my phone notes on December 6th, 2011. Pardon my bad English 🙂



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