Six countries I really want to visit……



This is the first country that popped in my head while I was in sixth grade. It all started when I watch some anime / cartoons. Then I started to buy manga / comics. A lot. I can’t stop. Even in my age now (22 years old), I still buy and read manga. From those, I started to like Japan. i was wondering how is it like to be there, have a picnic under Sakura tree (in my country, doing picnic is not a famous/ common thing), praying in a temple, going to castles, have a school trip, school festival, summer festival, exploring some legend / mystery at school or in holy places, hop on a shinkansen (in my country, the train was way too different, we don’t go to school by train, or trem. Train usually use to go to another city which will take 3 or more hours), playing in the winter (in my country, we only have two season, summer and rain), and many more! I want to meet the writer / mangaka of all the comics I’ve bought, I want to see the view from Tokyo Tower, going to Disneyland, ah, there are so much to do there! I plan to have trip to all over Japan. Not only to Tokyo, I want to visit Osaka, Kyoto, Hokkaido, Okinawa, Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Chiba, Nara, Fukushima, Nagano, and many other that never mwntion in manga that I’ve read! Mostly, I want to know the culture, despite how uncomfortable I am with people, but I really love to know their future. Since I was a little kid, I tried to memorize the song of the anime I watched and tried so hard searching the meanning, after finally I bought a Japan magazine with my weekly allowance, and there, with full of curiosity and also the need to brag on an on to my chilhood friends, I learn Japanese. I admit it, it is so hard that I only learned so little from the magazine and mostly I learned from anime, with just guessing the words. Oh, I am so cocky back then ūüė¶ It is way easier learning English. Oh my.



Who doesn’t like british people? Oh beat me. No one. The first time I had a desire to visit UK is because I read Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes (wow, so freaking nerd I am, right?). I told you before, my imaginary is so active that I will put myself in the main character shoes. And it always happen all the time. Back to my reasons, I think UK is sooooo beautiful. The castles (I really love history and culture, told ya), the queen and prince and princess, oh they always wear the elegant dress! And then the famous London bridge, the Big Ben, the famous school, the football field, the¬†cathedral, the mosque, the temple, ¬†even the red telephone box! But not only London, I want to have a trip to every city in UK, Scotland, Wales,¬†Essex,¬†Birmingham,¬†Brighton and Hove,¬†Bristol,¬†Coventry,¬†Glasgow,¬†Leeds,¬†Liverpool,¬†Manchester,¬†Newcastle,¬†Nottingham¬†and many other. Shoot, by just writing it I really want to go there. Clearly, it will take a lot of time and also money. Just hope my future husband is a billionaire :p



I think there’s no need to say more why I want to go there. Easy, all of the bands I really love are from there! How can I’m not visiting them and attend their concerts in America? I would be a total idiot. I also want to know about how big America is. I mean, really, walking in the walk of fame, seeing Hollywood¬†sign, go to Broadway, Liberty, Central Park in New York, Manhattan,Vegas, Seattle, no need to explain one by one, dude. Everything happens in this part of world. And I really mean it. EVERYSINGLETHING.



Come on, do I really have to explain this one too? Fine. Despite how hot it is there, but as a moslem, we have to go there, doing Hajj. It is a holy land ūüôā and also, I want to study about the history there (told you, I am a total nerd).



This one too, purely because of my interest of history and ancient ruins, and the culture. I don’t know why I am in love with those kinda things. It’s just I think I would be so relieved if I find the answer of odd things. Shoot, I am completely really need to go there! Besides, the girls are so pretty! ‚̧



Hmm.. Let me see.. Because of Juventus Football Club is there. Because Alessandro Del Piero is Italian. Because Juventus Stadium is there. Because Juventus Museum is there too! Because I LOVE ITALIAN FOOD! Because Colosseum and Pisa tower are there, of course! Because Vogue Italy is super high fashion. Because Italy has the largest number of World Heritage (UNESCO) sites in Europe, with 47 locations listed as places of outstanding cultural and historical significance. Because Romeo and Juliet were there too! Because the landscape is beautifuuuuul! And. Also the girls!

Enough said, I should start saving my money so, happy reading!


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