A Few of My Favorite Things



This is the reason I have an active imagination. I always imagine things I’ve read. From the first word I start reading, I activate my imagination. I put my socks into the main character. If she / he feel fear, pain, happy, sad, I would feel the same too. With books I can travel around the world with my imagination. I hate if people rreat books like crap. I’m sad if I see a book doesn’t look good, they have soul too, you know! Treat books right! Or I will yell at you and kick your ass.



Who the hell that doesn’t like music?! The sound of the guitars playing, the drums, the keyboard/piano, the humming “na na na na”, everything that can produce good music. You know it was a good music when the first time you hear it, you try to understand it by shaking your head, knocking your foot, playing your hand in the air, when you try to memorize the lyrics. The feeling when you jamming on your favorite bands, priceless. Even if your voice isn’t as good as the singer, you don’t care, you will still sing. That’s the best feeling ever. Music, will be there for you. No matter what. Music never fail to please you.



I got two cats. Pippo (the white one) and Luna (the calico / three colors). Pippo repsents that me and my boyfriend love football (soccer), so we took the name of one of the best player in Italy, Filippo Inzaghi. And Luna, I decided it my self, cause she has three colors, she’s as unique as Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter (my favorite books ever!). Silly you may think, but I don’t care. Because I had them I still hanging around here. Everytime I get angry, or everytime I feel so sad, they’re here next to me. They tried to make me laugh or even, more angry at them! Cats are different from dogs. Cats are harder to train or feel something to their master. But, that’s why I love cats. They’re independent. They’re care less. They keep going on and on and living their life with their way. Even if someone complains their way, they just keep going.


chilling around

Or to be exact, it’s lazying around. Haha. After doing house work, I usually reward myself with tea and some biscuits. Then, I lay down on my bed or watch some good television series, or read some books, write some novels, or listen to music. I don’t like chilling in the crowd, such as going to a cafè or else. It’s because I don’t like people, and I am uncomfortable being around them. I prefer my room or ar least my house, surrounded by my cats 🙂 This chilling around thing is not that good, for example, I am in my comfort zone, so that’s why I don’t want to do something that risky or moght be too stressful to me, such as doing my thesis. It’s really bad, I know, and I have to do it as soon as possible so that my mom would be pleased and people would stop saying things I really hate to hear (by people I mean, my big family and my ‘friends’).

Well, I guess that’s my top 4 favorite things. Maybe next time I will write about the other things. Happy reading everyone! 🙂


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