September 10th, 2012

Suicide Awareness Day

Today is the day. The finally-I-blog-again day. Been almost three years I stopped blogging in here. That three years were like hell for me, if some of you know my tumblr, you’ll find out why. But, I won’t talk about that. I still do tumblr, of course. I love it. It’s just, I need a place to put down my imagination for a while and anything. So, I choose this day because it’s time to stop doing something that really put me in the edge. I have to stop, altough I know that would be difficult. But I have to try. “Don’t cry, I know you’re doing your best”, said….. my friends in my head (we’ll talk about them later).

September 10th. It’s the World Suicide Prevention Day. Or Suicide Awareness Day. This date might be unimportant for some of you, but for me and (I hope) many other people who have been struggle in some pain, depression, it is very important. The mark of this day is you should wear yellow or orange and write “love” in your arms/wrists. This is just to show that you care. But, not that I personally against about this idea, it’s just a bit ridiculous that only today, on September 10th, people look like they care. Suicidal people don’t need that. I think everyday should be suicide awareness day because it’s more than just writing “love” on your wrist or wearing something yellow, it’s about being there for those who need you.  INSTEAD OF JUST BEING SUPPORTIVE AND LOVING TOWARDS SUICIDAL PEOPLE TODAY, HOW ABOUT WE DO IT EVERY SINGLE DAY?! That would be really helpful. You might don’t know but you’ve saved someone life by just saying “hello” “you’re beautiful” “what’s going on?”, insecure people need those :’)

Suicide isn’t merely a bottle of pills or a piece of rope, a razor blade or merciless bullets. Suicide can be that last bite you don’t finish, the extra rep during a workout.  Suicide can be emptying the contents of your stomach into the toilet or swallowing diet pill after diet pill, praying that this is the one that makes you skinny.  Suicide can be slow and passive.  So here’s to the victims, I carry a special love for them in my heart. Because believe me, I know what it’s like, I’ve been there too.

But still, happy suicide awareness day 🙂

Stay strong.


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